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Safety rules
November 18, 2007

My girl got a sewing machine and the whole family was sitting around it working on getting it ready for the maiden sew. I got everyone’s attention and said in a commanding voice “Ok let me just go over some safety rules that you MUST follow,” Everyone rolled their eyes at each other because I am always the wet blanket. “Absolutely! No! Sewing Seeds of Destruction! No sewing ANY dissent under any circumstances and NO dirty so-and sewing!”

They didn’t even laugh with relief that I wasn’t killing their fun. Hmmph.



November 6, 2007

Q: Why don’t you want a Pokemon in the same room as you when you’re getting dressed?

A: Because they might Peek-at-chu!

Pikachu is a trademarked image.  This image is not intended to insinuate that Pikachu or any pokemon is a deviant or a pervert.  I’m just sayin’ that kid seems a little stare-y.  That’s all.

Thanks, JW
November 5, 2007

Looks like a good place to start!  Thanks to JW for making me this site.  I will be writing down the things I say that my kids call ‘Matt Jokes’.  Mostly puns that I laugh at and they roll their eyes.  That’s how I know it’s funny!